Caribbean Botanical DesignsQuite often, landscaping is often overlooked as an asset to your residence. Many people are reluctant to invest time and money in developing a pleasing streetscape for their homes.
Some even see having to landscape in the vein of a necessary evil; or even money wasted.

The truth is however that carefully planned landscaping can increase the value of your home. An attractive yard will portray the image of a well kept and looked after home.

Attractive landscaping need not be expensive. A modest well planned landscape can be just as powerful (and sometimes more powerful) than a pricey but undisciplined landscape design.

Well planned placement of trees and shrubs can actually save you money in utility costs. Trees placed in appropriate positions can provide tons of cooling during the hot summers that you will not have to pay for. And if these trees are deciduous they will allow the warming rays of the winter sun to help warm your home.

Tree placement can save you money now and when you sell your home they can increase your home’s value. Landscaping – if well designed – is definitely an asset.