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I started training bonsai plants in 1989 and fell in love with the craft. Having given away lots of my prized plants over they years, I recently got back into it. Here are some pictures of a weigela I found at a nursery in VA.

Agri-tourism consulting

Agri-tourism is a form of tourism quickly gaining momentum in the Caribbean, Central and South America and can encompass farm visits, farm stays and volunteer vacations. A few months ago, Jeff Wuilliez our chief consultant was offered the opportunity to visit 13 potential and existing agri-tourism sites in […]

Elements of Tropical Landscaping

Part 1: Establishing a nursery and propagation schedule.
The establishing of a nursery and propagation schedule is the most important phase of any size tropical landscape project. Aspects of a nursery include the greenhouse, propagation beds, and finished area. When constructing the nursery important points to consider are light, […]

Landscaping is a great Investment

Quite often, landscaping is often overlooked as an asset to your residence. Many people are reluctant to invest time and money in developing a pleasing streetscape for their homes.
Some even see having to landscape in the vein of a necessary evil; or even money wasted.

The truth is however […]